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A wide range of cultural resources pertaining to Africa have found their way to the American public. Many museums have long valued the rich artistic traditions of Africa in sculpture, weaving, pottery, architecture and other creative areas, and have become passionate promoters of new artists from the continent. Language traditions, culinery traditions, and traditional ways of thought also qualify as cultural representations. Indeed, culture is a very broad canvas on which many different types of expressions can merge.


“The African Collection” A user-oriented CD-Rom displays the holdings of African Art and Artifacts housed at Illinois State University (Normal,IL) 

e-mail at


West African Folktales & West African Folktales:Instructors Manual

by Stephen H. Gale  (National Textbook Co.,1995) Features 40 folktales from 15 countries. The main volume is 203 pages, the Instructor’s Manual is 56 pages

GAAAP African Arts Publications (Montreal, Canada (514) 931-4747

Some African Art, Dance, and Music books on by Esther A. Dagan

Drums–The Heartbeat of Africa 

African Dolls: for Play and Magic

When Art Shares Natures Gift: The Calabash in Africa

Yoruba Dance : The Semiotics of Movement and Body Attitude in a Nigerian Culture

Emotions in Motion: Theatrical Puppets and Masks from Black Africa

The Spirit’s Image: The African Masking Tradition–Evolving Continuity

Man and his Vision: The Traditional Wood Sculpture of  Burkina Faso

There are literally hundreds of  contemporary publishers/books that specialize in African arts. You may want to follow up with them from some of their web sites.

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Arts  Council of the African Studies Association


African Art - University of Iowa Museum of Art of Iowa


Akan Cultural Symbols Rich in illustrations of Akan symbols used in architecture, cloth (Adinkra, Kente, Asafo)


Ladzekpo, C. K. - African Music and Dance

License Plates  African automobile license plates from World License 

African -  a British based resource of African recipes and food links.


Sierra Leone Web  Krio proverbs and stories, newspaper directory, radio and TV stations


African Photography Google image search displays diversity and talent


Art and Life in Africa - University of Iowa CD-ROM project and online searchable

catalog of the Univ. of Iowa’s well endowed Stanley Collection of African Art. 

Baobab Project - Harvard University Features 17,000  “Ethnobase”, Narratives, and Geographic Information System

Guggenheim Museum/Africa: the Art of a Continent 1996 exhibit  covering the artistic traditions of the entire continent.

In/sight:African Photographers, 1940 to the Present  28 African photographer exhibit


International Council of African Museums ICOM Has 13,000 members in 145 countries.

“Modern African Art: a Basic Reading List” by Janet L. Stanley. The internet version of a bibliography originally compiled in 1990  is being updated continually.


African Colours - An interesting Guide to contemporary African Art


Viritual Museum of Traditional Instruments   in French and English


National Museums of Kenya

Nok   Electronic collection of works held by other museums.   

Royal Museum for Central Africa Museum in Turvuren, Belgium

Smithsonian National Museum of African Art D.C. museum calendar, Eliot Elisofon Photographic Archives, photos from their exhibits, a clickable map of the museum.

Tribal Arts  Online Journal of Art, Culture and History of Traditional People worldwide