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Information Services


Dr. Robert “Daud Malik ” Watts

(267) 591-2468


Ph.D. African American Studies Temple University 2011

Dissertation Title “Rethinking Our Outlines and Redrawing Our Maps: Representing African Agency in the Antebellum South 1783-1829

M.A. (Honors)  Indiana University Bloomington  2000 Afro-American Studies

B.A. Intercultural Studies Trinity College (Connecticut) 1972

oOther Programs

2001 – 2002 -Indiana University Bloomington- Ph.D. program Instructional Systems Technology

1983 – Certificate, National Archives & Records Service, Modern Archives Institute Washington, D.C.

1976-77 University of Ghana, West Africa  - M.A. candidate=African History (university closures prevented completion)

1973-75 University of Sierra Leone, Fourah Bay College, West Africa (Thomas J. Watson Fellowship)

Specialty Areas

Curriculum Design / African Centered Media Content / Historical Graphics

For the past 30 years, Dr.Watts has been a specialist in the field of African and African American education, developing original materials and publications, making numerous presentations at scholarly and community forums, and contributing through media, consultancies, and productions to raising consciousness of African and African American heritage through:

            Curriculum Design and Development         Teacher Education Empowerment        Image Database of African History

            Mapping African History        National Archives Institute Certification         Content  and Graphic Infusion Strategies

            Mapping African American History        Critical Thinking Skills Development                Original graphics

                                    –TEACHING  –

  1. Adjunct Faculty Temple University- 2002-2011

  2. Founding Faculty Advisor S.E.A.L (Society of Emerging African Leaders) 2008 – 2011

Associate Instructor  Indiana University Bloomington- 1998-2001

Lecturer Smithsonian Institution / African American Studies Center, 1993-94  Resident Associate Program Washington D. C.  Taught two four-part classes

o1993 Fall - The Black Presence in the Lands of the Bible

o1994 Spring - A Fresh Look at the Scramble for Africa

Other Professional Experience:

Reporter, Federal News Service, 620 National Press Bldg., Washington, D.C 1987-92 - Covered U.S. House and Senate, State Dept., NASA, Banking, Executive Branch, Foreign Affairs, and national / international events for full-text wire  service

Archives Technician, Howard University Archives, Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, 1981-4

                                                            –  Publications  –

Black History Lessons My Father Taught Me Volumes I and II with Bilqis Wilkerson (2010) ebooks  available at

The Bright Lights Guide to the African Universe  Paint Magazine October Gallery     Philadelphia Fall 2005 issue

The Positive Image Education Series  Afro-Vision, self-published series for youth audience Washington D.C 1993

oThe 100,000 Horsemen of West Africa

o Timbuktu

o Gifts of the Nile Valley

o The Urban Heritage of West Africa

o The Black Presence in the Lands of the Bible

Your Guide to Resources on Africa  Africa Celebration ’98  Indianapolis, IN

Africa’s Five regions and Islands Africa Celebration ’98  Indianapolis, IN


Linking the Struggle for Education and Social Justice: Historical Perspectives of African American Leadership in Schools  with Dr. Khaula Murtadha  Educational Administration Quarterly  Oct 01, 2005 41: 591-608.

Conquering the Digital Divide- Race in Digital Space  The Kirkwood Indiana University Graduate School Online Magazine (October 2001)

The American Dilemma has not been Solved Black Enterprise (Oct, 1989)

Re-Examining the CRA (Community Reinvestent Act) Black Enterprise (July, 1989)

A Breed Apart American Visions   (October, 1989)

Works in progress: 

White Armies/ Black Troops: How was Africa Colonized

   African Centers of Learning

   Savannah Witness – A novel

                                                                –  Consulting –

Afro-Vision1992-Present. Created publications about the African presence in the Bible and ancient Egypt (Kemet), West African urbanization, equestrian traditions, and Islamic history. Appeared in numerous television, radio, and media presentations. Engaged k-12, university, and professional organizations in reconstructing African and Diaspora history.

Phelps Stokes Fund2007-Present

oSenior Fellow 2008- present

oChief Consultant STAR (Smart Teachers As Role models) Program – Flint, Michigan

oDesigned “Empowerment Co-Curriculum” implemented by University of Michigan-Flint, Mott Community College, and Baker College in 2008.

oAuthor of four units of the African American History Curriculum mandated for all High School students in 2006. 11,000 students currently enrolled.

oConducted professional developments in 2005 and 2006

Philadelphia School District 2005-2007

oAuthor of four units of the African American History Curriculum mandated for all High School students in 2006. 11,000 students currently enrolled.

oConducted professional developments in 2005 and 2006

UPENN Living Independently For Elders (LIFE) 2004-Present (vendor)

oDrum and Music therapy

oVocalist performances

o History lectures and interactive sessions

Bright Lights Initiative    2004-2006

oAuthored and Designed The Bright Lights Guide to the African Universe  Paint Magazine-October Gallery Fall 2005

PAPIRC- Presenter for No Child Left Behind State Parenting Organization  Fall, 2005

Africa Celebration '98     1997-98- Indianapolis

oDesigned computer generated murals and Africa regional collages for  convention

oProduced educational publication “A Comprehensive Guide to Resources on Africa

Crispus Attucks Museum    1996–97 IPS Indianapolis, Indiana

oDesigned museum space.

oResearched and designed 12 museum displays in African history

oResearched and designed 9 museum displays in African-American history

oDisplays are all currently in use

–  Presentations  –

Scholarly Presentations:

Remapping African American History 1783-1829 The Organization of African American Studies Graduate Students Conference. May 7, 2011

More Than One Option: Liberian and Haitian Emigration in the early 1800’s 42nd Annual Liberian Studies Association March, 2010 Temple University

Case Study: Findings; Best Practices from Empowerment Co-Curricula, Suggestions/Recommendations for STAR Michigan  Flint Smart Teachers As Role Models Conference, Michigan 2007

Future STAR conferences and Web enhanced platform Flint Smart Teachers As Role Models Conference, Michigan 2007

Parents in the Hotseat: The Bill Cosby Debates PAPIRC February, 2005

Victorious Consciousness: Myth or Reality? 1st Annual Underground Railroad Conference, Temple University February 2004

Re-Imaging the Black Past  Schomberg Center Conference New York 2003

Didactic Education: Engaging a Mystery Map of Africa Temple African American Studies Graduate Conference 2003

I U Participant: Race in the Digital Space Conference M.I.T Massachusetts April, 2001

Howard University: Sowing the Seeds of Black Atlantic Consciousness 1920-1940 Bridging the African Diaspora in the New Millennium Conference, University of Nebraska, Lincoln October 2000.

I.P.S. Eleventh Annual Multicultural Conference  August, 2000                                  Workshop title “Africa on the Internet”

UCLA African Studies Graduate Conference April, 2000. The Urban Heritage of West Africa: Diversity, Complexity, and Interconnections

Council of Independent Black Institutions  November, 1996 Frogmore SC  Workshop title “Stop Cheating Ourselves: Taking the study of Africa into the 21st Century”  

   I.P.S. Sixth Annual Multicultural Conference  August, 1995

Workshop title "Infusion Strategies for the Teaching of African American Students" 

I.P.S.  Regional Conference November, 1994

     Workshop title “ Positive Image Education”

Madame C. J. Walker Urban Center, Indianapolis "We Sit on a Goldmine"  November, 1994

Black Writers Speak National Rites of Passage Conference 1993 (Washington, D.C.)

West Africa's Genealogical Connection African-American Genealogical Society National Convention 1992 (Washington, D.C.)

The Hayti Center in Durham NC, 1985

Keynote Speech “The Meaning of the Black Presence in the Lands of the Bible”

African Studies Association

o"Graphic Primary Sources of African History" (Washington D.C.) 1982

o"Peoples of the Niger Bend" Panel  (Boston, MA) 19

Featured Speaker  at University Sponsored Events

Temple University (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005)

Indiana University (1996, 2000)

IUPUI Indianapolis (1995, 1996,1997)

Martin University Indianapolis (1994,1995,1996)

Miami University Ohio (1993, 1994)

University of  MD (1993)

Howard University Washington, D.C. (1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993)

Riverside Community College California (1986)

Compton College California (1986) 

Morgan State University Baltimore (1992)

Towson State University Maryland(1987)

Featured Speaker at major Community Sponsored Events

   The Hayti Center, Durham, NC 1993

   The Marcus Garvey School,  Los Angeles, CA (1986)

   Black Media of Atlanta, GA 1994

   African Echoes, Newark NJ (1987)

                                                    –  Art Presentations  –


oOne Man Shows

Howard University  Blackburn Center (Washington, 1983)

U.S. Embassy (Freetown, Sierra Leone 1974)

Austin Arts Center, Trinity College (Hartford, 1971)



Temple University AAS Graduation Ceremony of the Drums  (2002-2011)

LIFE Center  (Philadelphia 2006-2011) Vocals, percussion, keyboard


oDesigner and webmaster of 1999-2010

                                                            –  Awards  –

Academic Full Tuition ScholarshipTemple University 2003-4

Penn. Abolitionist Society Scholarship of the U.S. National Archives (1983)

Fazl-i-Umar Historical Research Award (Lahore, Pakistan 1979)

Thomas J. Watson Fellow (Providence, Rhode Island 1972-73)

Illinois Scholar Full Tuition Scholarship Trinity College (CT)  (1968-72)

References Available Upon Request