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Dr. Daud  Malik  Watts (pronounced  Da-ood  Maalek ) an  African-American,  was  born  in Washington, D.C. in 1950. He is an historian, lecturer, educator,  photographer and graphic artist  who  specializes  in  both African and  African  diaspora  historical subjects and primary source illustrations.

As  a  1972  graduate  of  Trinity College (CT), he  was  deeply  impressed  by  the  dynamic  elements  of  the  Civil  Rights,  Black  Power  and  Pan-Africanist  Movements. He  traveled  extensively in  Africa–in  Mali, Senegal,  Gambia, Ivory  Coast, and Sierra Leone– and  studied  for several years at  the  Universities of  Ghana and  Fourah  Bay  College  in Sierra Leone.  In the  course  of these  travels  and  studies  he  came  to realize  the  incredible  degree  to  which   we  are  “disinformed”– fed  negative  stereotypes  of  Africa  and  her  history. "Everywhere  I  went ,"  he  later  wrote, "`the  images  I  saw,  the books  I  read,  and  the  people I  met  contradicted the  "Big  Lie"  of  the  simplistic,  village, tribal  Africa...  I  never  expected  the  hundreds of  large  and  small cities  and  towns,  the  diverse  intellectual  climate,  and  the  industrious  people that I was blessed to know. "

He  also  realized  that  there were literally  thousands of  historical illustrations included  in  historical  works  that  were  rarely  used,  if  used  at  all. Over  the  last  thirty-five years, Dr. Watts  has  collected  materials  such  as  these and  utilized  them  to  develop  entirely  new  styles of  Black  History   presentation.

Upon  his  return  to the  US,  he worked  at  the  Moorland-Spingarn Research  Center  at  Howard  University,  taught  in  the  D.C. Public  Schools, and was  a  Capitol  Hill  reporter with an international  wire service.  In  1984,  he  founded  Afro-Vision, Inc.  based  on  his  collection,  now  swollen  to  4,000  illustrations  from  African,  African-American,  Caribbean,  and  Ancient  artifactual  records. He received a Masters in African American Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington and earned a Ph.D. in African American Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia. His dissertation “Rethinking Our Outlines/ Redrawing Our Maps: Representing African Agency in the Antebellum South 1783-1829” highlighted tens of thousands of escapes from slavery prior to the Underground Railroad and created three multi-layered, original maps of African American history from 1783 to 1829.

Afro-Vision  has  published  five  issues  of  the  Positive Image  Education  SeriesThe 100,000  Horsemen  of  West  Africa,  Timbuktu,  Gifts  of  The  Nile Valley,  The  Urban Heritage  of  West  Africa,  and  The Black Presence in the  Lands of  the Bible. These are now combined into two volumes available as ebooks at

"Positive  Image  Education, "  he  continues, " carefully  condenses  large and new  areas  of  African and Diaspora  study  and  combines  them with  powerful  illustrations from  the  very  times  and peoples  being  discussed. The result  is  an  entirely  new  type  of Black  history  publication, a  one  subject,  magazine  format  production  with  high  information  content  -  that  is  at  the  same  time attractive  and  easy  enough  for  young  and old  to  enjoy."

Dr.  Watts conducts dynamic, illustrated  lectures on  a  wide  number  of  topics and has presented at  numerous scholarly, media  and educational events, including  teaching courses for at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and nine years at Temple University. Homepage