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Over the last decades, the numbers of materials written or produced about women’s issues in general, and women’s issues in Africa have skyrocketed.  Africa: Africa World Press Guide to Educational Resources From and About Africa (NJ,1997) is a source that has two sections devoted to resources on African women. In its bibliography, there are over 60 titles listed that begin with the word ‘women’–not to mention the nearly 200 titles on women’s issues that do not. This indicates that the field of women’s studies, and the advocacy for increased women’s rights is strong and growing in Africa, in spite of the fact that some of the most entrenched patriarchal societies still exist there. These books reference subjects such as “Women of Africa”, “Women in Development”, “Women in the Time of AIDS”, “Women’s Income Generating”, “Women Freedom Fighters”, etc. All of these subjects are of profound importance and value.

If you have an interest in any of these areas, please follow up with the larger print resources, or go online to the useful sites listed here and those linked to these sites.

The following seven books can also serve as springboards to your research:

African Women: A General Bibliography 1976-1985 (Bullwinkle, 1997)

African Women: A Modern History (Coquert-Vidrovitz, 1997)

African Women and Development: A History (Snyder and Tadessa, 1995)

African Women in Development: An Annotated Bibliography

Africa Through the Eyes of Women

Arab Women: Old Boundaries, New Frontiers

Africa: Women’s Art Women’s Lives

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Africa Women on the Internet Stanford site has numerous relevant links,       


Association of African Women Scholars newsletter, conferences, links women-related sites.

A Celebration of Women Writers “Indexes” web sites on women writers.


Center for the Study and Research of African Women in Cinema


Francophone African Literature U. of W. Australia site. .


Gifts of Speech - Women’s speeches from around the world  Includes environmentalist Wangari Maathai  & Min. G. Marcus (S. Africa) “On Women in South Africa”.

Global Fund for Women Provides grants to women’s groups in developing countries.

Ladyslipper Music Catalogue  A strong resource for recordings by women vocalists and instrumentalists.


ANC Women - Historical Documents site documents  women in the liberation struggle.

South African Women in Science and Engineering Newsletter, email discussion.


United Nations African Centre for Women, Report for the Women in Development Programme, and a search facility.


U.N. WomenWatch  Africa page

Women in Development Network, WIDNET Extensive English and French resources including directory of African women’s organizations, U.N.statistics on women’s education, health, labor, positions of power

Association of African Scholars