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The African continent offers tremendous experiences for the tourist and traveler. From luxurious Mediterranean villas in Tunisia and Algeria to wildlife reserves 4,000 miles to the south, Africa has long been known as the continent of adventure. The Great Pyramids and temples of Egypt, the mysterious city of Timbuktu, the gold and diamond mines of South Africa, the Serengeti plains full of wilderbeests, zebras, lions and other wildlife, a lake the size of England, tens of thousands of miles of tropical beaches, coral reefs, Mediterranean cities, ancient desert  ports, steamy jungles, safaris and world class entertainment can all be easily found within Africa. Through the Internet, you can discover that several companies now offer Senegal-based West African River Tours; that Mali is now a tourist destination, including tours of the fabled city of Timbuktu. Tourism has developed inroads into numerous realms of the Diaspora, including  Afro Centric Tours, Safari Tours, and national tours of countries like Ghana.

Using these resources, you can obtain travel information for specific destinations from embassies, government agencies and companies that specialize in African travel. It is highly recommended that within a few  days before you travel, even to such typically safe and popular destinations as Egypt, the East African wildlife reserves, Southern  Africa,

Senegal, or Kenya, that you contact the U.S. department of State for an update or travel warnings and advisories. News of Africa does not always appear on local television or newspapers, and it is wise to be well informed before departure, The 24 hour telephone number of the State department is (202) 647-4000. Its websites also contain important telephone numbers for Americans traveling abroad.

While primarily highlighting  web sites in this section, because they are sensitive to rate changes and transportation schedules, we would recommend some publications as well:

The Lonely Planet

Publishes extraordinarily simple, accurate, comprehensive (1064 page, 240 maps, background information, etc.) yet clear Travel Guides to West Africa, North, and Southern Africa targeted at low budget travelers.(800) 275-8555

Michelin Maps

        Three road maps can be combined to make a large (approx. 6x7’) continental map for of Africa. Available in good bookstores and map stores. Maps # 953, 954, and 955.

West African Travels: A Guide to People & Places by Sylvia Boone

(Random House,1974) After over 35 years, is still an insightful guide written from an African American view.

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Africa.Com - The Virtual Africa Promotes business, trade, and tourism with South Africa.      


Association of Business Travellers  Has hotel listings in Africa, membership fee required.

Avis Car Rental in Africa  35 African countries listed with Avis rental offices


Cape to Cairo: African Business and Adventure Travel  Specializes in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe travel 

GORP Great Outdoors Recreation Pages Features National Parks sites

Travel with Dr. Runoko Rashidi  Afro-Centric Tours to Egypt and Nubia