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With the success of African teams such as the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Nigerian soccer team and individual athletes in international competition, the world wide focus on sports in Africa has increased significantly. Here are some books and internet resources that will help to discover yet another rich and interesting aspect of modern African life. Soccer is particularly vibrant throughout the continent and there are many beautiful modern stadiums.

Books include:

Sport in Africa by Ossie Stuart  (London:Macmillan, l993)

Sport in Africa: essays in social history. William Baker and James Mangan,eds. (New York, :Africana l987)

Sport in Africa and Asia:a comparative handbook. Eric Wagner, ed.

(New York: Greenwood, l989)

African sports:yesterday and today by E. Naumann (Cologne:Deutsch Welle,l970)

Africa at the Olympics by Ramadhan Ali  (London :African Books,l976)

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All Africa Sports -

Sports Illustrated South Africa


South African Sports - Receive daily news and search other sports sites.

Aikido in Africa Directory of Aikido clubs and schools mainly in  South Africa.

Comrades Marathon site highlights “one of the world's top ultradistance races between Durban and Pietermaritzburg SA”

Cricket South Africa - Official web site of governing body for cricket.

Dakar Rally Off-road race from Spain to Dakar, with cars, trucks, and motorcycles

South African Offical rugby page

African Soccer News Kickoff Magazine covers soccer around the continent   

African Olympic News – reports on preparations for the 2012 London Olympics


Stadiums in Africa – provides country by country links to the many African stadiums with links to the stadiums themselves. Nigeria, for example, has 48 stadiums.