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Vast rainforests, wildlife ranges and habitats, and dramatic geologic/geographic features have always been associated with Africa. In recent decades, the realization of how environmental actions can affect not just their regions, but entire ecosystems and the entire planet has become much clearer. Many groups and organizations have directed their focus and resources on environmental issues of importance to Africa and the world.

Some of the many books produced on these subjects have come to our attention that may be of general interest here:

Voices from Africa: Local Perspectives on Conservation

(Lewis and Carter, 1993)

Environment and Economic Dilemmas of Developing Countries: Africa in the 21st Century (James, 1994)

Greenhouse Effect and its Impact on Africa 

by Mohamed Suliman (UK,1990) 90pp.

The Rainforests of West Africa: Ecology -Threats - Conservation

by Claude Martin (Boston, 1991) 235 pp.

Africa: Africa World Press Guide to Educational Resources From and About Africa (NJ, 1997) section on         “Environment” including African success stories.

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African Wildlife Foundtion  Links sites for African national parks, wildlife conservation. 

Earth Network for Sustainable Development Search of African environment-related organizations and NGOs and reports

EnviroLink A non-profit on-line environmental information resource 

Major Biomes of the World African areas of tropical forest, tropical savanna, and desert.


Michigan State Univ., Program on the Lakes of East Africa  PLEA researchs the Anthropology and Sociology of fisheries management of Lakes Victoria and Malawi 

National Geographic Index of articles and photographs relevant tonAfrica.



Network for Environment and Sustainable Development in Africa (NESDA) Based in Abidjan, developed an environmental atlas covering Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Gambia, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Okavango Wildlife Society  S.African organization links to other African wildlife sites.

Southern Africa Environment Project Policy documents on biodiversity, water law, sanitation and information on the environmental policy dialogue in South Africa.  

United Nations Earth Summit 2012